Bắt hồn của bạn trong 5 spa hàng đầu ở Thái Lan

Thái Lan là điểm đến spa tốt nhất trên thế giới. Trong bầu không khí truyền thống, với mùi thơm ngọt ngào của hoa; Massage chuyên gia sẽ mang lại cho thiên đường trên trái đất. Và bạn có thể có được một trải nghiệm spa tốt nhất tại Thái Lan rất dễ dàng. Vì […]

Thailand Beaches: The Safe haven for Female travellers

Thailand Beaches: The Safe Haven for Female travellers If you are going solo to enjoy the sunny beaches of Thailand or if you want to have a romantic tour with your loved one, worry no more! Thailand beaches are the safe haven for female travellers with adequate security. But before moving ahead you should know […]

A Day Trip toTaman Negara

Taman Negara, which means “National Park” is 130 million years old forest. It’s one of the oldest rain forests of the world. Experience the wild life of Malaysia in Taman Negara. Taman Negara is the first officially protected largest area of 4,343sq km. There are 3 sections: Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu section. Taman Negara’s long […]

The Sweet Sabah of Malaysia

Sabah is the realm of natural attractions. Sabah is the resident of Mt. Kinabalu and the rare wildlife. Sabah’s Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park will make your tour enjoyable. The Pouring Hot Spring of Kinabalu Park: The Pouring Hot Spring of Kinabalu Park is a popular tourist complex.  Soak yourself in the spring and stroll […]

The Natural Beach Settings of Krabi

The beaches of Thailand have 2 different coastlines, one groups facing the Pacific and another facing the Indian oceans. Among all the natural beaches of Krabi is the best of both worlds. Tham Phra Nang beach: This beach is the home of Thai mythological princess.  The whole island is mysterious and alluring for the tourists. […]

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

Thailand is full of amusements parks in different cities.  Among them SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is one of the bests.Get yourself into the deep blue wonders of mysterious sea with a full day entrance to the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. It’s the best choice for spending mesmerizing time with loved ones. Spot the […]

Exotic Honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand is the country with eternal beauty and most importantly it’s affordable. Worry no more if you want to taste the nature with your better half.  Take a look before you book your tickets. Phuket:  The best romantic honeymoon destinations in Thailand. Ideal Duration of Honeymoon: 2-3 days Romantic Stays: Andara Resort and Villas The […]

Thưởng thức tuần trăng mật tại Malaysia

Nếu bạn muốn làm cho tuần trăng mật của bạn lãng mạn hơn và đáng nhớ, hãy nghĩ đến Malaysia xinh đẹp. Đất nước sẽ đánh vần buộc bạn với nét quyến rũ độc đáo của nó. Dưới đây là 5 điểm đến tốt nhất cho tuần trăng mật. Redang Island, Terengganu: Redang là thiên […]

Lively Nightlife of Malaysia

Nightlife in Malaysia is different from other countries. It’s amazingly subdued & niche. Laid back lounges, Elite clubs and the sky-high bars introduce the standard nightlife of Malaysia. BEST BARS AND CLUBS: Gravity Club: It’s classy and best of all in Malaysia. You will find the incredible local and international l DJs pumping the house. […]